Multilevel Decks

Multi Level Deck Design and Construction in Virginia Beach.

A multilevel or multi-tiered deck is a wonderful architectural addition to your home or building that not only looks great but can add more function to your deck as well.  Because of their complexity in design and construction it’s important you work with a deck builder who has experience with multilevel decks as there are not only obvious safety issues that need to be considered but stability and building codes as well.

Casa Decks is a full service deck design and deck building contractor with thousands of decks built in our 30 years of specializing in deck construction.  We’ve literally built hundreds of multilevel decks throughout the Virgnia Beach area and we can help you with your multilevel deck design/construction project too.

Maybe you’d like to connect an upper master bedroom with your backyard deck, or maybe you’d like a 2nd story deck with a hot tub platform and stairs leading to another deck that overlooks your garden, or maybe you’d like a deck that steps down to your pool, whatever it is you’ve got in mind.  We can help you design and then build a multi-level deck that will best utilize your available space while meeting all of the needs you have for the new deck.

Multilevel Decks We Can Build:

  • Multilevel or Multitiered Deck Design
  • Multilevel Deck Construction
  • Multilevel Deck Re-Building
  • Multilevel Deck Restoration
  • Multilevel Pool Decks

Building a multilevel deck onto your home or building is no small task.  It takes some serious planning (and measuring everything twice) to get a multilevel deck that looks great and is strong enough to support the weight of your family, or guests at a party or a hot tub and more.  When you choose Casa Decks to design and build your multi level deck you are taking a new partner in making your home or business a more enjoyable and relaxing place.

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