Cedar Decks

Cedar Decks and Landscape Construction in Virginia Beach.

Cedar is becoming very popular as a decking material both because of it’s great natural looks but it’s also considered to be low maintenance and very resistant to weather, rot and insects.  Although more expensive then standard pressure treated deck material; cedar carries many benefits that one should seriously consider if your budget allows.

Firstly, if you want a great looking deck and don’t mind the additional cost of cedar decking there is really no other decking material that will match it’s appearance (or it’s wonderful smell!).  Your deck framing can still be built using pressure treated lumber to save on costs and cedar can be used as the decking.

When we mention it’s low maintenance Cedar is just that… It isn’t as prone to warping and twisting as the temperature changes like other species of wood which requires less repair.  Aside from the initial few coats of stain and the occasional cleaning your cedar deck will look great for many years.  As Cedar or Redwood starts to age it will turn a nice silvery/gray color and can be left alone or restained again.

Casa Decks is an experienced Virginia Beach deck building contractor with a few thousand decks built over the last 30 years.  Hundreds of those decks have been made with Cedar as the homeowners chosen decking material.

Casa Decks Cedar Deck Building Services:

  • Custom Cedar Decks
  • Cedar Posts and Railings
  • Cedar Deck Stairs
  • Cedar Deck Refacing or Replanking
  • Cedar Decking Material
  • Cedar Deck Repairs
  • Cedar Deck Framing
  • Cedar Arbors
  • Cedar Gazebos

Building a new Cedar deck onto your home or business is an exciting project that doesn’t take an incredibly long time to build.  We can actually complete most Cedar decking projects in just a few days once we’ve started the project and once complete you’ll have a beautiful looking deck for you to relax, cook, entertain or enjoy however you see fit.

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